Use Automated Letters as an EMR Template

Printing automated letters has always been a powerful feature of KIP Deluxe. You have the ability to print a single document or letter, or a group of letters (all with data merged in, if desired) with a single click.

Here are some examples of how to use KIP automated letters:

1. You frequently do a specific routine procedure that requires a consent form, and post-op instructions. With a single click, the consent form is printed with the patient’s name, the date and time of the procedure, along with the post-op instructions.

2. You have a patient who is having an elective procedure at the hospital. With a single click, you can generate:

a. Pre-op orders
b. Pre-op instructions for the patient
c. Post-op instructions
d. A courtesy letter to the primary care physician

3. You frequently provide a specific item or service which requires a “Letter of Medical Necessity” which your staff can generate with a single click.

KIP also allows you to store each document you generate automatically as a EMR note entry.

Use automated letters as an EMR template

Now, printing automated letters in KIP has a new trick – the ability to preview and edit the document before printing.

This works amazingly well for entering chart notes. You can set up a template for a complete exam, quickly modify or add the values specific to that patient, and it’s saved as a EMR note.

And the template remains unchanged for the next time you use it.

You can set up as many automated letters as you want, and mix and match them together any way you want.

That means, if your post-op instructions are the same for a few types of procedures, you just select it as one of the items that should print when you choose that automated letter group.

You enter automated letters by simply typing into the KIP word processor. If you have letters already written, you can just copy and paste them into KIP.

Click on the letter you want and ….. it prints! It’s as easy as that.

Use your imagination on how KIP Automated Letters can work for you and let us know. We will be glad to share your ideas with everyone else.

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