Mail Merge Made Easy

Today, I would like to help you share your NPI numbers with all the physicians who refer to you. Of course, you can modify this process to suit any need you may have.

First, I have created a template letter which you can modify for your practice.

Mac users should download the letter (called NPI_Letter.sit) here. Windows users download the letter (called here.

Please note: These files are compressed. You can tell because they end in “.sit” (Mac) and “.zip” (PC). You will need to expand them before you can use them. Mac users need a program called Stuffit Expander to expand files. PC users use WinZip. Both programs come with a free version you can download.

Once you expand the file you downloaded, the Mac version will be called “NPI_Letter” and the PC version will be called “NPI_Letter.4W7”.

Now, go to KIP and choose “Referral Sources” from the “Lists” menu.

Optional: Search for only those Referral Sources you want to send this letter to.

Next, choose “Word Processor” from the “File” menu.

Please note: The word processor window has its own menus. In all the following steps, we will use the menus at the top of the word processor window (not the main KIP menus).

Choose File and then Open (from the word processor window’s menu), and open the NPI_Letter you just downloaded.

You will now see the letter ready to be modified with your information (with references to the referring doctor’s information merged within the letter).

Optional: You can add any field in KIP to this letter by placing the cursor (and clicking it) where you want the information to go, and then choosing “4D Expression…” from the “Insert” menu (from the word processor menus). Then select which field of KIP you want in your letter.

When you are finished editing your letter, you may print the merged letters as follows:

Choose “Print Merge” from the word processor “File” menu.

Click on “Referral Source” in the list which appears (to merge your letter with the Referral Source list) and then click the PRINT button.

This should make sending out letters to your referring doctors a snap.

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