KIP Version 11.5 Makes Its First Appearance

KIP has been going through major changes both inside and out, and our Mac users have been steering the ship these last few months. As we continue to receive input requests from users (and future users), our efforts continue to move the program to meet their needs.

We have come a long way since the small screen sizes of the early Macs, and have been asked to make better use of the larger desktops of today’s current line of computers. Of course, our users always put in that caveat, “in the same simple-to-use interface that only KIP can do.”

We have accomplished this is KIP Deluxe version 11.5. The minimum screen resolution to use KIP has been increased to 1024 x 768. This resolution is comfortable to all 17″ monitors while allowing users of larger monitors to feel like they are making full use of their increased desktop real estate.

By making use of this new screen size, we have actually made KIP easier to use. More information is now available at your fingertips, and yet, we have stayed true to our easy-to-use design.

The new KIP Deluxe Patient Information Screen

This new Patient Information screen has a slide out drawer that displays alerts, primary, secondary, and third insurance, billing information, and employment data. KIP still handles up to four insurance carriers per patient. We’ve just moved the information for the third insurance to an even more convenient location.

Each Window is Totally Independent

In addition, we have now totally redesigned the code for each window to be totally independent of every other window. This means that now, when you click the INVOICE button to make a new invoice, you still have full access to the entire Patient Information screen. Even though the new invoice window is open, you can go back to the Patient Information window and make an appointment, enter a payment, or even view the Patient Ledger. You can even close the Patient Information window while you continue to enter the invoice.

This also means that now, having a Patient Information window open, no longer inhibits any other workstation from opening that same patient and working in that patient record. So, staff in the back of the office can be entering an invoice while staff at the front desk can be entering a payment or making an appointment.

And yet, with all this new flexibility, we have continued to maintain that same easy-to-use interface that you expect from us.

All Four Carriers Now Billable on Each Invoice

Selecting which carrier you are invoicing used to be easy, but with each patient now having more and more insurance options, sometimes it’s harder to keep track of whom you are billing.

So now, up to four insurance carriers will appear on the each invoice with the carrier name present to make selection that much easier.

Selecting which Insurance Carrier to Bill is Easy

As you can easily see in the example above, the Primary Insurance (Medicare) is selected to be billed on this invoice. You can print this claim or send the claim electronically to whichever carrier is selected.

The same easy-to-use selection process has also been added to entering payments. So, it is easy to enter a payment from Medicare and bill the remaining balance to AARP (without any chance of confusion).

Windows Users Get The Same Updates

We didn’t forget about our Microsoft Windows users. Everything we have done for our Mac users has been put in our Windows version, too.

In fact, we did extra tweaks in our Windows version to make the interface look consistent with our Mac version. This way, if you have a mixed network of Macs and PCs, the windows on your PCs will look just like the windows on your Macs.

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