KIP Updates

KIP has been up and running now for a few days in our beta location. All is going smoothly and in our excitement, we have been adding a few new features while testing things out. We didn’t want to get too involved so early in it’s release, but we just couldn’t help ourselves when the test site had a few requests.

Our first request was:

Improve tracking of unpaid claims

…so we super-charged the Tickler file.

The Tickler file shows a list of all unpaid claims. You should be logging all calls on unpaid claims via the Tickler file. Now, there is a major reason to do so.

When you click on a claim, you will instantly see a list of all calls (or “actions”) made to get this claim paid … how many times it was printed, electronically submitted, or called upon.

The list can be sorted on any column, shortened to all claims older than a specific date, and searched.

You can also find “neglected claims” – all claims with no “action” taken within a specified period of time.

This will greatly reduce the chances that a claim will “slip through your fingers.”

The second request was:

Have KIP calculate the Adjustment on a claim

The problem was, that certain insurance carriers post the payment and the balance but not the adjustment. The office would have to calculate the adjustment before entering it.

Now, when you enter a payment, you can enter the amount paid and the balance and let KIP calculate the adjustment for you.

I know it’s a simple request, but sometimes, when you do something a lot, it’s nicer when it’s made just a little bit easier.

Make the Passwords easier to change

To change a password using earlier versions of KIP, you had to enter the original password and then a new screen would appear where you would enter the new password. This was a little confusing, so we moved it all to the password entry screen. Just click on the user and then the CHANGE PASSWORD button. This has proven to be much easier now.

Have an idea?

If you have an idea to make KIP better, let us know. It’s input from our users that make KIP better.

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