KIP Deluxe 10.3 compatibility with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)

Is KIP Deluxe 10.3 compatible with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)?

KIP Deluxe version 10.3 is written with 4D 2003.

The official statement by 4D is that 4D 2003 will not be supported with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and they do not recommend upgrading to Mac OS 10.5 if you are using 4D 2003.

However, it seems that 4D 2003 users are currently using Mac OS 10.5 without problems.

4D is supporting 4D 2004 and 4D v11 SQL compatibility with Mac OS 10.5, and KIP Deluxe will move to 4D v11 SQL sometime this year.

We understand that new Apple computers will be shipped using Mac OS 10.5, so if it becomes necessary to use Mac OS 10.5, we expect that using KIP Deluxe should not be a problem.

In the meantime, we recommend staying with Mac OS versions earlier than 10.5 until you upgrade to KIP Deluxe versions created using 4D v11 SQL.

This brings up the question:

Why are we using 4D 2003 and not 4D 2004 (or 4D v11 SQL)?

Our users are medical practices and businesses that require the most stable versions of software possible. 4D releases updates and patches of their software continually to improve stability. The most stable version of 4D is the one they are no longer updating. With the recent release of 4D v11 SQL, 4D 2004 has just reached this level of stability, and we will therefore be moving a newer version of 4D shortly.

Initial releases of 4D v11 SQL have already proven to be extremely fast and stable enough to use in a critical business environment. Once 4D Server v11 SQL is released, expect us to move to that version.

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