Just How Well Are You Getting Paid?

Did you ever ask yourself this question?

In today’s environment, it’s important to know how well you get paid from each insurance carrier.

Maybe you are not even getting paid enough to cover your costs.

Let’s say you have an item you dispense (it could be a DME item or anything else that an insurance carrier would pay for) – or, you perform a specific service or medical procedure.

For an optometrist, this might be a pair of glasses. For a podiatrist, it might be a bunion surgery, or a night splint. For an infectious disease specialist, it might be a hospital consult.

You get the point.

So, how well are you actually getting paid?

This is actually quite easy to find out, using the Line Item Report.

When you open the Line Item Report window, enter the starting code and ending code for the report. For example, to see a range of codes, you could enter 28290 to 29299 to see all bunion procedures, or L4 to L5 to see codes between L4000 and L5000 – but if you enter 28296 to 28296, you will limit the report to only one code.

Check the SHOW INVOICES AND CREDITS APPLIED check box, and print the report.

This report will show you every invoice during the date range specified with every payment applied – showing you how much each carrier paid and how much you had to write off.

You can limit the report by insurance carrier, treatment provider, treatment location, or even zip code if desired.

In today’s environment, it’s important to know how well you get paid from each insurance carrier. Now, it’s easy.

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