Get Paid Faster with Automated Late Fees

Why is it that doctor bills always seem to get ignored?

When it comes time for patients to pay their bills, the doctor always seems to be the last one to get paid.

It’s time to start thinking like credit card companies and begin adding late fees to your patient bills.

KIP Deluxe Version 11 makes this happen – automatically.

KIP automatically inserts late fees, which get payments from patients super fast. Users tell us that patients call as soon as they get the bill, and will agree to send the payment ASAP if you agree to write-off the late fee.

(Credit card companies will also agree to write off late fees, as long as you don’t do it more than once or twice a year).

It works amazingly well – and you get to decide how much the late fee will be and how many ignored bills have to be mailed before they appear. The sooner you start adding the late fees, the sooner you will get paid.

So, start thinking like the credit card companies, and see how fast you get paid.

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