Export Appointments to iCal

Sometimes it makes sense to take your schedule with you, and the easiest way just might be using iCal and your iPhone.

New, in KIP version 11, is an Export to iCal button (found when you go to Print Appointments under the Print menu).

Select the schedules you wish to take with you, and then, instead of printing them, click the Export to iCal button. This instantly creates a file on your computer called iCal_Export. Move all your selected appointments into iCal by dragging iCal_Export file on top of the iCal application icon.

Then, simply sync your iPhone with your computer to take your schedule with you.

You can post your calendars on the Internet (using your MobileMe iDisk or a private WebDAV server) so family and colleagues can view them using iCal. If you publish your calendar on your MobileMe iDisk, you and other people can also view your calendars using a web browser (You need to have a MobileMe subscription to publish to iDisk).

Make sure that if you choose to publish your calendar, that privacy is always protected. If you are putting information on your calendar that is considered private, you should ensure that whatever method you choose to publish your calendar is secure.

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