KIP MediWeb™ – Our step into the future

KIP MediWeb™ is here!

We are pleased to announce our newest version of KIP Medical Software – KIP MediWeb™.

KIP MediWeb™is a desktop/web based hybrid software and is not reliant on 4D software.

Currently, both KIP Deluxe™ and KIP MediWeb™have the ANSI 5010 electronic claim format – however, we are planning to move away from 4D and are no longer be offering 4D based upgrades of KIP to new customers (or to current users with 4D based products before version 11). Also, users who need to add additional users to KIP Deluxe™ Network Version will have to migrate to KIP MediWeb™.

As the year progresses, our only software product will be KIP MediWeb™. We will no longer be offering any software based in 4D. Users who need to upgrade will migrate to KIP MediWeb™. Continue reading “KIP MediWeb™ – Our step into the future”

ICD 10 Deadline is coming October 1, 2014

We all know that ICD 10 deadline is a reality and will be implemented on October 1, 2014. KIP is ready – are you?

 What do I need to know about ICD 10 codes?

ICD 10 codes are very similar to ICD 9 codes, however, they are much more specific. Extra digits are added at the end of the codes which can indicate details such as Right or Left, or Initial Visit or Subsequent Visit.

Here at KIP, we want to make the transition to ICD 10 coding much easier and reduce your chances of denied or delayed payments.

What happens if I enter an ICD 9 Code into a claim after the ICD 10 Deadline?

In most cases, expect your claim to be rejected.

Unfortunately, there will be many delays in reimbursement and no one truly knows just how bad it will actually be until the ICD 10 deadline actually arrives. You may want to keep emergency cash available in case reimbursements are significantly delayed. Continue reading “ICD 10 Deadline is coming October 1, 2014”