Automated Phone Call Appointment Reminders

Patients forget appointments

One problem for doctors is that patients forget about their appointments. Some offices use appointment reminder cards, but these get lost, thrown away, or forgotten.

It is much better to call the patient to remind them of their appointment. This takes time, and you don’t always call the patients at the best time for them.

Automated phone reminders work better

Automated phone reminders work better. Here’s why:

  • Phone calls are made at the most likely time when patients are home
  • Phone calls are made even when your office is closed
  • Automated calls are never forgotten
  • Automated calls are never too busy to call patients
  • It’s completely automatic. There is nothing you have to do.
  • Your staff is now free to do more important tasks
  • Automated phone calls are cheaper than having your staff call, averaging less than $1 per day
  • Patients appreciate a quick phone call, usually 30 seconds or less
  • Your missed appointments will be reduced by 80 to 100%

And most important of all:

  • Your staff will be happier, not having to do this repetitive task

Easily set your patient contact preferences

For your patients that prefer email or text messages, simply uncheck the Phone checkbox in their contact preferences.

Easily manage your patient contact preferences

Enjoy automated phone reminders free for 30 days

We are activating automated phone reminders for all KIP MediWeb users free for the entire month of January, 2016.

There is nothing you have to do. Your patients will be called automatically.

Your patients will receive a reminder phone call for all appointments for the entire month of January – 100% free.

If you enjoy this service and wish to continue after that, it’s just $30 per month. That’s only $0.99 cents a day!

But wait! Get our special discounted rate!

If you like the Automated Phone Call Appointment Reminders, just let us know at any time during the free trial period, and we will sign you up for only $25 per month beginning February 1, 2016.

That’s a savings of $60 per year!

We know you will appreciate this great new service from KIP MediWeb. Enjoy it free for one month as our gift to you.


Happy Holidays from KIP Software!

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