Electronic Remittance Advice

Automatically Post Insurance Payments to Save Time

Electronic remittance advice saves time by automatically posting insurance payments which you download to your computer. You can use electronic remittance advice reports to automatically post insurance payments to your patients’ accounts. These Explanation of Benefits (or EOBs) are then stored along with your payments and can be retrieved electronically from anywhere in an instant.

This saves you time posting payments as well as time copying and storing your EOBs.

Announcing ERA Automation

Recently, the insurance carriers have set up specifications to process insurance payments electronically. The code is called ANSI 835, and it allows us to receive and process your insurance payments electronically. The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic report generated by insurance companies to providers as an explanation of your medical claim payment. A similar technology also processes electronic fund transfers (EFT) into your bank account. This electronic delivery of insurance payments speeds up your reimbursement and posting of payments.

Receive Your EOBs Electronically

You can receive electronic remittance advice reports from most insurance companies including Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross Blue Shield by enrolling with your electronic claims clearinghouse. Once you start receiving your EOBs electronically, you can post your payments to your patients’ accounts in just a few seconds. Your EOBs will also be stored alongside each payment and can be viewed or printed at any time.
Electronic Remittance Posting

Once processed, your EOBs are available on every computer wherever you use KIP.

Electronic Posting is Faster, More Accurate, and More Specific

Do you dread those EOBs with 25 patients on them? Imagine posting all those payments in just a few seconds. You can process all of your insurance payments and send out your bills to patients in less time than it takes to post one payment manually.

In addition, each item is posted line-by-line. That means you will now know exactly what each insurance carrier pays for each procedure.

And since your EOBs are stored electronically, there’s no more filing or storing them on your own. They are available in an instant alongside every single patient payment, in that same easy-to-read format you are used to seeing (click here to see an example).