New Features Coming in 2007

As your practice grows, expect KIP to grow as well.

Here are some things to look forward to this year:

1) Ledger transactions can be archived.

As your practice grows, ledgers will grow as well. To keep things under control, you will be able to hide ledger transactions that are cleared older than a time frame you specify. Of course, KIP makes this process totally reversible and modifiable – so if you don’t like hiding transactions (or if you want transactions hid that are over 2 years old instead of 3), just change your preferences. Any invoices that retain a balance will always remain visible.

2) Backing up made easy.

Here it is, 2007, and still offices don’t backup as they should. New KIP versions to be released this year will backup automatically to our internet servers. Just leave your computer on every night and your data will be transferred automatically to our secure backup site. You will finally be able to sleep securely knowing your data will be safe and sound.

3) The paperless office becomes a reality.

New KIP versions to be released this year will integrate with high speed scanners so that everything in your office will be totally computerized. Letters, lab reports, even insurance cards, can be scanned into KIP and stored electronically. Anytime you need a hard copy, just print it out or fax it. Anywhere you can log into KIP, you have access to everything.

4) Email your patients reminders and information.

Actually, KIP already emails patient appointment reminders, but look to KIP for increased emailing capability. You will be able to search for all diabetics and send them an email pertaining to a new treatment or medication, or email all patients not seen for a year and send them a reminder email.

5) Ledgers can be sorted on any column

Just click on the column header and your ledger will be instantly sorted by Date, Transaction Number, Description, Charges, Payments or Adjustments.

6) Mark one CPT or Inventory code to be billed as another.

Sometimes the CPT or Inventory Codes you want to use aren’t the ones you want to bill.

Bar code your inventory items and scan them in for billing, then set which CPT Code that item should be billed as. Any item you dispense that has a bar code (or other code that may be convenient for you to enter), can be billed using a different CPT code.

We look forward to hearing your ideas as to where KIP should go next. Feel free to let us know what features you are looking forward to.

iPlexus Error 97 – Supervising Provider Error

Re: ERROR 97 SvcLine: 0 Error Desc: If Supervising
Provider First or Last Name is not blank then
Supervising Provider ID must be valid and Supervising
Provider ID Qualifier must be
in a list of valid values


Please remove your supervising provider information by going to

Lists > Billing Providers > Modify


Click on the field PROVIDER.

Hit the ENTER key to make that field blank.

Remove the TAX ID and UPIN numbers and click the SAVE button.

NPI Compatibility

KIP Deluxe version 10.3.22 is fully compatible with the new CMS-1500 form. If you plan on upgrading to KIP Deluxe 10.3.22, you must begin using the new CMS-1500 form immediately.

Those interested in upgrading, please contact us with the following information:

1) Your current KIP Software (KIP Administrator, KIP Deluxe, KIP Deluxe Network Version).

2) Your current KIP version (version 6.7, 6.8, 10.3)

3) Your platform (Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows)

4) The number of users you have installed (single user, network with two users, etc.)

We will then be able to determine the correct upgrade path and pricing for your upgrade.

Ledger errors using Mac OS 10.4.8

Those using KIP Deluxe 10.3 who upgrade to Mac OS 10.4.8 (or higher) will notice strange behavior in KIP, especially when accessing patient ledgers.

To correct this behavior, you must download the KIP Deluxe Precision Patch and apply this patch to your KIP software.

Those using KIP Deluxe Multiuser must apply this patch to either the 4D Client or 4D Server software program on each computer using Mac OS 10.4.8 (or higher). This patch is not required on other computers on the network not using Mac 10.4.8 (or higher).

To apply the precision patch (for those using Mac OS 10.4.8):

1. Quit all KIP and 4D applications.
2. Download the KIP Deluxe Precision Patch to the Macintosh computer using OS 10.4.8.
3. Open the DMG file you just downloaded. This will create a new disk image called “10.4.8 Precision Patch for 4D” and open it in a new window.
4. Open the enclosed application called “Mac OS X 10.48 Precision Problem Patch for 4D”
5. Click the “Select 4D Application” button
6. In the dialog box which opens:
Single User: Find and open your KIP Deluxe program
Multiuser: Find and open either the 4D Client program or 4D Server program which resides on the computer you are working on.
7. Click the “Apply Patch” button.
8. Quit the “patch” application.

Electronic Fund Transfers (KIP 10.3.21)

In addition to Check, Cash, and Credit Card, you will now notice the ability to select Electronic Fund Transfer for a payment type. The totals for each payment type will be reflected in the totals in the Day Sheet.

Checking Treatment Provider Activity (KIP 10.3.21)

Check Treatment Provider activity by using the Line Item Report. A new addition to this report, which adds the ability to create the report for a single treatment provider, will show the totals for that treatment provider for any given period of time.

Appointment Book Changes (KIP Version 10.3.20)

The KIP appointment book has been updated to be able to show a maximum of four schedules at the same time. Currently this feature works for the 15 minute schedules only and requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Set this feature is set by going to the File menu, choosing Preferences, and then Appointment Book Preferences.

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